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Poster: AltheaRose Date: Feb 6, 2012 9:41pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: I bet I have the biggest surprise

I win! I win I win! Nobody else will have as big a GD surprise as me. I promise you. Really.

But first, here’s the tally.

9 out of 25 are GD. The rest are bluegrass/old-time.

I obviously really like gals with strings. My most-played tune turns out to be Hit 'Em Up Style by the Carolina Chocolate Drops. It’s from their Genuine Negro Jig CD, but here’s a live version: Other Gals With Strings on my Top 25 List are Abigail Washburn (Eve Stole the Apple ( and her cool version of Nobody's Fault but Mine,;feature=related) and Loreena McKennitt (As I Roved Out That last is Irish, so it’s one of several that my kid requests a lot; he’s definitely impacted my Top 25.

My Number Two Most-Played Song is another of my kid’s faves, High on a Mountain by Del McCoury (or, as kiddo puts it, “that Steve Urkel guy.” He used to say he hated bluegrass, but he’s obviously changed his mind, since he keeps asking me to play it. Unless he just finds it funny. A live version, starting at :19, is

My first GD tune is third on my playlist. It turns out to be, of all things, Doin That Rag from Live at the Fillmore East. In fact, ALL my GD “Top Plays” except one turn out to be from the ‘60s. Also on the list: Little Sadie (12/26/69), Viola Lee Blues and Dark Star (DP 22, 2/23-24/69) and The Eleven (10/12/68). The only post-60s turns out to be China Doll (10/29/73). Whaddaya know.


drumroll please …

Cardboard Cowboy from 7/16/66. Guess I had to hear it a whole lot of times to believe it.

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Poster: unclejohn52 Date: Feb 7, 2012 11:53am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: I bet I have the biggest surprise -no kidding!

AR - Cardboard Cowboy! I had to go listen to it, twice... I had never heard it, it's whacky. Very unusual, I'm assuming that's a 19 yr old Weir on vocals. Unique show with In The Pines, Pain in My Heart, You Don't Have to Ask, et al.

I do a lot of listening here at work, even though my major GD collection is at home – but even so, 18 tracks were GD, suprisingly mostly acoustic Dead. Otherwise, I stream a lot when I'm working, trying to keep up with all the recs people here throw our way - an impossible task. On the home machine, a big favorite is 4-26-71 Fillmore East, and Veneta Aug. 72 has a lot of play on my iPod.

To GrDiver's point - I can be somewhat eclectic sometimes, but lately very GD focused. You might say I'm stuck in the 70s: I still enjoy Joni, David Bromberg, Leo Kottke, Beatles, Steely Dan et al... but right now I'm focused on learning the guitar and playing tunes for myself.

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Poster: AltheaRose Date: Feb 7, 2012 11:50pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: I bet I have the biggest surprise -no kidding!

Lots of acoustic doesn't actually sound that surprising when you think about how that "top 25" works -- there's comparatively little GD acoustic, so when you're in the mood for acoustic, you have less to choose between. That would drive up the numbers.

I also noticed that, if I look within my iTunes at various shows/albums and number of plays, there are actually a LOT with the same number of plays as tunes counted as "top 25." So I think there's an element of randomness when the numbers are equal. Or maybe how it's arranged in your iTunes folder. (Actually that does seem to impact it. I have a bunch of GDs with equal number of plays, but it captured only the earliest ones ... and my GD is arranged in time order. So, if numbers are equal, it'll count what's first in your folder.)

Btw, the words to Cardboard Cowboy are insane. It involves the shards of a hungry scream, a paranoid re-entry blanket and mashed potatoes dribbling in the heat of reality's earth. Phil wrote it, and ... well, you can see why he didn't become the lyricist. He also wrote the music, and apparently they called it The Monster because it was so hard to play. (It was also called No Turn Left Unstoned.)

But I think the biggest GD surprise is a tossup between me and deniro. He's got Alice D Millionaire at number ONE. I mean, Cardboard Cowboy is weirder, but ... number one?!? :-)

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